Ruined Loot Rules


We aim to provide a fair method of loot distribution for all raiders.
We want to reward attendance, particularly on progression.
We want to encourage people to think about their gear choices.


In the past, we have relied heavily on DKP without much deviation from that idea until recent expansions. During WoD, we progressed more towards a "Suicide Kings" mixed with DKP style of loot awarding due to implementing frequent squishes to everyone's total. We wanted to encourage people to spend early in progression and not punish them for getting loot several bosses ago. With the buffing of Personal Loot (PL) in Legion, we went full out PL at the start to try gauge it's effectiveness. After 14 kills of bosses, we realised we needed a way of distributing loot that may not be upgrades due to secondary stats on the early kills and have gone back to a loot style similar to WoD but with a major change to when these squishes will be applied. Master Looter will be used for the early kills of a new boss, followed by Personal Loot for the later kills.

The Basics

Master Looter will be used for at least the first two kills of a new Mythic boss. During these kills, the item will be displayed in a raid warning and it is expected that you will whisper the Master Looter something that indicates you want the item ("need" is the most frequent term used), loot will be awarded to the person on the highest amount of currency that has whispered that they need the item.

When switched to Personal Loot after the initial kills, it is expected that if an item is not needed and can be traded, that it would be traded to the Master Looter and redistributed via a similar system to above (whisper, highest currency at the time of whisper).

We will aim to do a squish of everyone's currency to ensure everyone is within a close margin of each others when needed.

In detail

How much does an item of loot cost?
We will charge 5 DKP for an item that is awarded through the Master Looter regardless of how much of an upgrade it is for the person. This means that on Personal Loot, any items that you get awarded to you by the game that are of use to you are completely free of charge, we will still charge if getting an item as an unneeded item from someone else's loot chance.

How is DKP awarded?
We award a single DKP per raid night of attendance.

Raids which are designated as progression raids (the entire raid night focusing on one or more guild first kills) reward 50% extra DKP.

Lower content raids where DKP is not in effect but are still being ran for official reasons will generate 50% reduced DKP. These raids are still subject to other loot rules like Raider over Trial.

What about Trash-drops?
Loot dropped from trash-mobs in current tier content will be free to the looter while on Personal Loot if it is an upgrade or be handled via the Master Looter in the same manner as loot from bosses otherwise.

What do you consider "off-spec"?

Off-spec looting is only available to those who wish to acquire gear to allow them to fill a different role, DPS as tanks or healers, Healers as DPS or tanks, tanks as DPS or healers. Off-spec looting is not available to those wishing to optimise in a different build within their current role.

Be aware - by taking off-spec loot you are agreeing to fulfil that off-spec role when needed and called upon by the raid leader. Those players who are more often called upon to fill an off-spec role will be given priority over those players who never/rarely use their off-specs in an official raid setting.

Should two or more players both roll on the same OS item, then the rolls will be ignored in cases where one of those players interested is routinely asked to fulfil an OS role. This overruling is purely the decision of the Master Looter.

Off-spec loot is free, again with the expectation that the player is willing to fulfil the off-spec role if needed.

How are squishes handled?

We have found squishes to be a great way of keeping currency inflation down and motivating people to loot early in progression without punishing them for it, it also keeps it fair for new members of the team and encourages continued good attendance.

We will aim to do a squish of everyone's currency when:

  • a new member joins the team so as to not have them be behind in loot priority for long
  • when starting progression on something that is deemed to be difficult so as to reward the attendance during the learning period when we kill the boss
  • when the Officer team feel we have too much of a gap between the highest and lowest

Squishes will only happen if all raiding Officers deem it is worthy of happening.

A squish will take lowest person's negative and add it to everyone's currency to make everyone on a positive, then reduce everyone's total currency to make it so everyone is within a small enough window of each others currency total.


  1. Jim 178
  2. Jane 103
  3. John -18

We add 18 to everyone's total to bring John back to 0, then reduce all totals to within 10 points of each other (reducing to 5% of current total would work in this case) bringing Jim to 9.8 ((178+18)*0.05), Jane to 6.05 ((103+18)*0.05) and John to 0.


  • quest items which serve as keys will be given to raid leaders and the main tank before anyone else, item cost will still be incurred
  • trial members have lower priority on loot than those who have been promoted to raider
  • legendary items will take factors other than current DKP into consideration when deciding on the recipient

We may use DKP penalties in some situations such as:

  • Breaking CC or pulling additional mobs after being warned: -1 current itemcost
  • Abuse of off spec roll: -10 times the itemcost
  • Signing as accepted for a raid and then not showing with no absence post: -1 current item cost
  • Failure to meet minimum raid attendance without an absence post: -1 current item cost

These rules are subject to change. These rules were last reviewed on Monday 7st November 2016. If you have any questions about these rules, don't hesitate to contact an officer in-game, or make a post in the Raiding section of the forums. If you have remarks, tips and/or suggestions for the loot rules, please do the same.


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