Before you decide to join Ruined please read our goals and desires for the guild.

Make sure you think our friendly and mature point of view is a good match to yours.

We are a raiding guild focusing on Mythic raid content - we are not a social or levelling guild.

We will not hold your hand all the time, we are after self-sufficient players that can get things done rather than ask a question that can be answered in less than 10 seconds using Wowhead or similar.

The reputation of the guild is what attracts additional good people to the guild. We expect you to act with appropriate maturity and integrity at all times you carry the Ruined tag under your name.   Being abusive in guild or public channels or starting pointless flame-wars is not acceptable at any time.

Raiding requires resources, such as money and mats - be sure you have the time to maintain your stocks of both.

Be Positive - constant complaining and general grumpiness doesn't help anyone.

Respect your Guild-mates - understand that not all of us share the same views, particularly outside the game.

Understand the language - not all guild members have English as a native language, do not be too fast to misunderstand.

No public drama - if you have any issues take it to an officer.   If you disagree with anything please use the forums to discuss it.

When applying to Ruined, please include the phrase "sacrificial gnome" in your application to demonstrate that you have read these rules.

Being a member or trial member of Ruined also means you will abide by the Fair-Play Rules.

Make sure you have also read our Raiding Rules and our DKP Rules.


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