Being a (trial/social/raiding)member of Ruined means you will also abide to the World of Warcraft End-User Licence Agreement. More specifically this means you WILL NOT do ANY the following things:

  • Use illegal third-party software.
  • Use bot-software to farm/level.
  • Use afk-bot software to afk-farm honor.
  • Consistenly be afk in battlegrounds.
  • Use exploits to gain unfair advantages.
  • Buy gold from unofficial sources. (Read more about goldbuying here)
  • Compromise your account (sharing etc).

Why do we care about these things?

This is an MMORPG. If you wish to cheat, go play Super Mario Bros. or something similar. In an online environment such as this one, cheating is heavily frowned upon. Being a member of Ruined also means you are playing with our reputation and the reputations of your fellow guildmembers.

Furthermore, we as a raiding guild invest a lot of time and effort into gearing and upgrading your character towards our own progression. Jeopardising this effort by allowing yourself to be banned by Blizzard also nullifies our effort as a group.

Needless to say, if it comes to our attention that anyone has been violating these simple rules, action will be taken. These rules start from today on, meaning that naughty things you've done before today won't be taken in account.


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